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Maybe less known, but as much effective !

Overture Search the Web.
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IT LINKS IT Links.org is a directory of IT websites.
ZEPTI Zepti.org is a young search engine/web directory very simple to use.
OUVERTURE Database with possibility to be listed in the first pages of a research, paying a quote depending on the requested priority.
LOOKSMART One of sites suggested by Netscape for searches. It's the directory used by Altavista and HotBot to classify sites subdivided per categories.
SEARCH.COM A starting point for Web searches, quite popular, based on Infoseek database.
AOL NET FIND Search engine of AOL (America On Line) based on Excite database.
PLANETSEARCH Search engine with personalized interface and with many details about the results.
NBCi Based on Inktomi directory, has an interface very similar to Yahoo! Is one of the sites on NetSearch of Netscape.
MAGELLAN Popular directory based on Excite database
WEB SEARCH 2K Young search engine with original functions, for instance statistics about the number of searches and  clicks on your own site.