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Free stuff on internet
FREE E-MAIL Hotmail is one of those sites which offer free e-mail. VirtusWeb has selected it for its size and its flexibility.
FREE HOME PAGE GeoCities offers free web-space to publish your own web page on Internet (non commercial pages). In English.
GRATIS HOME PAGE SuperEva.it offers to its users web space to create their own Homepage. It is a free service addressed to private citizens, institutions or non-profit associations. In Italian.
TUTTO GRATIS Free page of Aspide. You will find a list of what is free on Internet. Italian site.
CIAOWEB Free mailbox and web space, with POP and pages' size till 20 Mega
<div> <a href="http://www.skype.com" target="_blank"><img src=" http://share.skype.com/show/flash/?id=30" border="0" alt="Share Skype" id="skype-banner-img" width="468" height="60"></a></div>
Chats and forumsTop
MIRABILIS - ICQ From this site you can download ICQ, a chat private program, and use Mirabilis services.
CHAT AZZURRO 98 An Italian chat.
CIPOLLINA Cipollin@ is also a chat, but not only. In Italian and English.
IOL CLUB CHAT Chat of ItaliaOnline, divided per subjects and with an international English section.
MARTE AERRE Sites organizing discussion forums.
MEDI CHAT In Italian and English.
CHAT WORLDS.NET 3D graphic chat, entirely in English.
LOCAL CHAT An Italian chat divided per regions, where you can meet persons of your own town.
CHAT LINE Chat of Telecom Italia Net.
The Swiss chat!
CHL To send short SMS messages. It uses an Italian operator and is very quick.
INFO SPACE Telephone book (200 millions users) of USA, Canada, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain e United Kingdom. English site.
GRATIS SMS To send short SMS messages to any cell phone. German site.
LEARNING HTML Everything you need to know about HTML programming ... and even more. English site.
TOOLS & SAMPLES Microsoft site for web sites builders. Contains tools, image, sounds, fonts, etc. English site
WEBREFERENCE All the tools for a perfect webmaster. In English.
BCENTRAL A valid support for the promotion of your site. In English.