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Job offers and searchesTop
TI-LAVORO Site for free job offers and searches. Specific for the Canton Ticino!
JOB SEARCHES Site which catalogues job offers and searches for the Swiss market.
INSERZIONI DI LAVORO Site which contains job offers and searches, mainly for the Italian market. In Italian.
FORM   LAVORO Form to input your job offers and searches, directly connected to advertising pages.
DO UT DES Site to buy, sell, exchange...with categories dedicated to the job market.
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NEWZ.INFO All the newspapers all over the world.
WEB MARKETING TOOLS Monthly review (paper and online), Web Marketing Tools is the reference for the online marketing in Italy.
PUBBLINET Site that contains links to all the newspapers all over the world, subdivided per countries.
NEWSPAPERS OF MILAN Site dedicated to Milan. Vivimilano, Milano mese and all what you need to know about living in town. Site in Italian and English.
WSJ$ - MONEY & INVESTING Wall Street Journal, online edition.
IL SOLE 24 ORE The most authoritative Italian financial newspaper.
TICINO MANAGEMENT Online edition of Ticino Management and Swiss Money Management, Swiss Italian monthly magazine about finance, economics and culture.
CORRIERE DEL TICINO Online edition of the most popular newspaper in the Italian speaking Switzerland.
AGENZIA ANSA For the last minute news.
DVD & Video Store
PHOTOBANK Online album of the beautiful pictures of Alexandre Zveiger
WORLD VIDEO BUSINESS WorldVideoBusiness-WVB® is a business to business e-marketplace source of international trade leads, and tender opportunities from companies and government organizations.
TELEPHONE BOOKS Telephone books of all the world.
MONEY CONVERTER Converter for all the currencies in the world. Simple and quick to use.
DELEGATIONS Diplomatic and consular delegations, chambers of commerce and commercial offices in Italy and abroad.
SWISS CLICK Site which offers information about the Swiss markets (job, real estate, etc.).
WINNER Site which offers information about the Swiss markets (job, real estate, etc.).
RC OF LUGANO Register of commerce of Lugano.
CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE SwissFirms lists all the Swiss chambers of commerce.
USEC Swiss office for commercial expansion.
PROEC Society for the promotion of the Swiss economy.
CNN INTERACTIVE For the latest news in the world, the TV and interactive channel CNN is a reference site. English site.
ITALIAN STOCK EXCHANGE Site of the Italian stock exchange, official reference for information about the Italian real estate market, for the derivatives market, etc. + links to the international stock exchanges.
EARNINGS ON INTERNET If you have your own home page, this site can give you hints about how to make money with Internet. Italian site.
BORSALINO One of the most important Swiss financial sites.
AT& T One of the greatest telecommunication company in the world, its site is a "must".
FEDEX Federal Express site, for any dispatch you need to do.
VISA Site of Visa credit card, with information about electronic commerce.
LATINA2000 Online consultancy. With the magazine "Net society magazine"
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