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web design
price list
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A brief description of services offered by Virtus Web.
This price list is in Swiss Francs.

- Swiss Francs - Euro -

Web design
Hypertext Basic HTML to be added to the layout
(for instance: CHF 50.- + layout standard CHF 70.- = CHF 120.-)
CHF 50.--
Layout - simple Page with logo and text CHF 40.--
Layout - standard Page with logo, text, external/internal links, simple grids, animated and static images, Style Sheets CHF 70.--
Layout - complex Page with logo, text, external/internal links, complex grids, animated and static images, map images, JavaScript, Style Sheets CHF 100.--
Graphic creation Scanning and elaborating images: backgrounds, buttons, elements of the layout, photos... CHF/hour 90.--
Flash movies Creation of high impact Flash 5 movies (Macromedia) CHF/hour 120.--
Forms Interactive form for orders, enrolments, subscriptions, information requests, users' remarks,... CHF 250.-
to 350.-
Password access User name and password requested to access to specific sections of
the site
CHF 350.--
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Web services
Domain name Domain name registration service: www.yourname.ch, .com, .net, .org, .li, .cc, .tv, ... CHF 50.--
Hosting Hosting service (1 Mb of web space) under the main domain of VirtusWeb [www.virtus-web.ch /yourname] CHF/year 150.--
CHF/day 0.80
Cname Service of diversion to a cname of VirtusWeb domain [www.yourname.virtus-web.ch] CHF 100.--
Research of server Research of the most convenient server where to publish with your own domain name [www.yourname.ch, .com, ...] CHF 100.--
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Web marketing
Search engine Submission in the most known search engines. Registration confirmations will be printed together with a list of all considered engines (registration fees of search engines are excluded). CHF/
Ranking analysis Analysis of the position of your URL in the various search engines. Objective: increase traffic on your site by improving positions. CHF/hour
Banner - GIF Banner with animated graphic for the promotion of your site
(animated .gif)
Banner - Flash Banner with animated graphic for the promotion of your site
(Flash movie)
Copy writing Copy writing for banners and other promotional media
(online and offline)
Content writing Writing of texts for your site. Adaptation of existing texts to Internet and to the site's structure. CHF/hour
Internet researches Researches on Internet (competitors, market places, etc.).
Included selection and printing of Internet pages.
e-marketing Planning of Marketing and Internet Marketing actions, aiming at promoting both the online and offline businesses.
Carrying out of e-marketing activities.
individual offer
PR - communication Writing of press releases, media relations management, organization of press conferences, ghost writing for speeches and other writings.
individual offer
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NB: Prices can vary without notice.